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Our Story

Capstone Nutrition is one of the largest pure-play developers and manufacturers in the nutraceutical industry, with our facility in Ogden, UT and the resources of Brightstar Capital Partners. Since 1992, we have been developing, producing, and packaging capsule, tablet, and powder products for a wide variety of customers in the United States and internationally. Over this impressive nearly 30-year history, we have consistently offered the highest quality products while continuously expanding our service offering. Today, our extensive scale of services and capabilities, combined with our single-minded focus on customer brands equals a one-stop solution that few competitors can match.

Our product portfolio is comprised of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, probiotics, sports nutrition, anti-aging, and general wellness products for branded customers selling through internet, multi-level marketing (MLM), mail order, healthcare practitioners, mass market retail, as well as health food and specialty retail outlets.


We passionately innovate, formulate, manufacture and sell superior quality nutrition to improve life.


  • Give Thanks
  • Own It
  • Be Humble
  • Inspire Others
  • Go For It


Life Improved®

A Culture of Caring

There’s something very different about Capstone Nutrition. Just ask Capstone customers and employees. When surveyed on what they like about working at Capstone, employees most often say it feels like “family.” At the heart of the Capstone experience is the priority to strive for Life Improved. Many companies talk the talk when it comes to customer care, but we also walk the walk. Our “Life Improved” mantra is to improve the customer experience, as well as truly impact the lives of our associates and their families.

One other vital component that has played a significant role in our successes over the years has been the addition of the Leading with C.A.R.E. model. A leader within the organization can be anyone, not just someone who has a fancy title. As such, a very deliberate approach is taken to roll out this model to all associates. Furthermore, this has been used during interviews and onboarding to ensure that out of the gate we are getting the right people and getting them calibrated to the Capstone way of thinking.

We pride ourselves on not being a one track mind type of company, searching for profits. We are always sincerely looking for ways to improve our processes and what people experience. In an environment of increasing risk, Capstone Nutrition wants to be honest and authentic. We’ve been able to create this level of trust on a global level through our employee and customer relationships

We are serious about building a culture of respect, quality, accountability and scientific performance. Just ask anyone who works with Capstone Nutrition. The experiences we are building with our employees and our customers, our vendors and our community partners, are consistently positive and impactful. Capstone is leading the industry in changing the way we nutrition comes to life!

People Drive Culture

We are passionate about what we do. Capstone brings you decades of scientific and engineering experience, top-tier talent, unrivaled customer service and support, and industry-leading quality and procurement experts. We are committed to Thinking, Acting and Being better. We believe in developing the best people and the very best products possible. Our client partnerships and their growth are essential to our continued success. We encourage our employees to take heart in everything that they do as experts in their respective fields. We make it personal. We love what we do.

Culture of Leadership





James Hinkle


Kevin Elsberry

Culture Of Development

Culture of Development

It is critical to our culture that time is spent deliberately developing our associates. That is why we include a Leadership Moment in our monthly meetings with our associates, where we take time to train and/or develop all associates on a manufacturing tool, system, or principle. Many times these principles can be applied to our lives outside of work. 

In addition to this recurring training, we have implemented other forms of personal development, including:

Team Captain and Supervisor Trainings: Occurs twice a month, one meeting focused on LEAN principle, second meeting is focused on an HR or personal development

Capstone Connection:  Monthly, Capstone holds a company-wide meeting which has the sole purpose of self-reflection, both individually and company-based. The company goes over performance with a lens on improvement and safety, while also encouraging employees to “give thanks” to those who make their lives better at work. These meetings have the benefit of providing Capstone with a chance to step back and view our performance on a grand scale, get on the same page and reiterate our goals as a company. We aim to provide unparalleled service to our customers and constantly improve ourselves individually and as a whole.

Micro‐Learns: These are held monthly with various associates and are focused on very specific issues that may be facing the company at the time, and most importantly how to deal with the issue. For example, when introducing a key LEAN movement into the office environment a fun‐filled Micro‐Learn was used to demonstrate current state of processing orders. It created a clear demonstration of the challenges we faced when getting an order out the door.

GO BIG: Using Capstone’s unique leadership model that was developed internally by the Executive Team, we have defined what good leadership looks like. GO BIG meetings are held monthly with key leaders of the organization. It should be noted here that by definition, “title” is not utilized in this forum to define a leader! Our focus is on various elements of leadership effectiveness that impact the employee experience and leadership effectiveness. Ultimately the goal of these meetings vary, but typically the outcome can apply to some aspect of Policy Deployment.

Employee Professional Development:  Capstone prides itself on our commitment to our employees. Capstone is currently rolling out a new employee involvement program for employees in our production areas. Employees are encouraged to train on new equipment and processes to expand their own capabilities within the company. Direct supervisors then evaluate employees on their level of knowledge of procedures and familiarity of equipment on a per-task basis. This allows Capstone to better evaluate our employees performance and their goals. The employees who grow their repertoire and proficiencies quickly, and display competence in a diverse range of tasks are rewarded through raises and promotions. This reciprocates the benefit the company has gained from their personal growth. 

External Training and Development: We are also very active in outside trainings from professional groups. Whether an associate attends the training or we have a certified trainer onsite, the end goal is the same; we are looking for improvement of the individual. Some examples of trainings:

  • Impact Utah – focus on quick changeovers with a race car example
  • Shingo Institute – overview of the Shingo Model
  • USU Partners in Business on Operation Excellence Seminars
  • Partnership with OWATC
  • International Standards Organization

Training and Assessment:

  • Crucial Conversations In‐House Trainers
  • Disney Leadership and Customer Service Training

Lunch at Capstone:  Not only does the Capstone appreciate its employees, but the employees have cultivated a diverse and inclusive “family” environment. Any day during lunch, Capstone’s lunch room is filled with employees who are conversing in both english and spanish as the room fills with laughter and comradery. Almost daily there is a potluck style meal where employees bring a dish and share with the greater community, for the benefit of all. This truly captures the “Life Improved” motto that Capstone encourages amongst its employees, and that feeling of belonging and improvement has been cultivated by hard-working and friendly employees.

Commitment to Community

We strongly believe that being active within our community makes a world of difference in the lives of those that we help as well as our associates. Over the years we have participated in the community in many different ways. For example:

We strongly believe that being active within our community makes a world of difference in the lives of those that we help as well as our associates. Over the years we have participated in the community in many different ways. For example:

− Health, Wellness & Safety Fairs are held on a recurring basis to further educate associates and encourage them to know how to be healthy and remember Safety Always! These fairs regularly involve input from local vendors and community members, including local police and fire and support efforts for an employee to be safe at home and at work

− Annually the Boyer Group hosts the Summer Games in the business park – as part of this they hold a food drive as one of the events. We are regularly one of the top donators and in August of 2018, we took first place in this event. Giving back to our community in a big way!

− We have an annual tradition of Veterans activities to show support for those who have served in the armed forces.

− We have performed toy drives for various charities including Toys‐for‐Tots and Christmas Box House.

− Over the years we have held numerous company luncheons. As we near the end of these luncheons and have excess food, we are regularly looking to donate to local shelters.

− We play a very active role in blood drives and routinely host blood drives onsite. Capstone associates have donated nearly 100 units of blood in the last two years.

Over the last few years, one organization that we have chosen to partner with and coordinate more closely with is The Christmas Box House. In 2016 and 2017 we provided this children’s shelter with clothing items and financial support. On October 23, 2018, we incorporated a service component into our Micro‐Learn and GO BIG meetings. At this particular meeting created hygiene kits for the children at The Christmas Box House.

We know that there are still many opportunities to help and provide Life Improved in our community. We led out in a collaborative effort with other local vendors and suppliers. We have created a Children’s Chewable Multivitamin that we have distributed to various charities, schools, and shelters to ensure that Life is Improved for children locally, including Catholic Community Service, Weber State University, and Ogden-Weber School Districts Foundation.

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